How To Plan An Engagement Party

For many couples the engagement party is the big event that sets off the wedding day count down. Therefore many want to ensure that they throw a graceful and elegant engagement party to set the tone for the upcoming wedding reception. However, this is not as easy as it sounds and many couples end up being overwhelmed at stress with the planning process. Thus, the following article offers certain tips and guidelines for the couple to follow in order to prepare for this party.


Ordinarily majority of the couples host their engagement party at restaurants or at their or their parent’s homes. However, if there is a large guest list one can also opt to book an event hall for this special occasion. Thus, ensure that the event hall possesses the capability to accommodate the chair rental in Hong Kong you hired.   But one should also keep in mind that the venue and formality of the engagement party should not upstage the wedding reception. Therefore, one can attempt to create a different ambiance at the engagement party by making sure it’s kept on the down low.

Food & Drinks

Although, there is no requirement to serve coursed dinner for the guests as is required in a wedding, one can choose whether they wish to serve a main meal or whether it would merely be cocktails and canapés. Once, you finalize the type of food you wish to serve you can select a catering service. Thereafter, one should also determine whether the catering service would be providing the table rental or whether you would be required to hire this equipment independently or through the event hall. Furthermore, in order to place some personal touches on the menu one can opt to serve a special cocktail drink or one of the couple’s favourite deserts. Visit 


As the engagement party is not as formal as the wedding one should not attempt to overdo the décor. For instance one can either ask their florist to create only a limited number of small arrangements to decorate the hall or you can involve the bridal party to create some DIY decorations with colorful fabrics and candles.


While it is not necessary to hire a live band or a DJ for this event one can instead play music over the stereo to serenade the guests.

There are many details to consider when planning an engagement party but instead of being intimidate by this planning procedure one can follow the aforementioned tips to ensure that the planning process goes off without a hitch.