bedroom vanity with mirror and bench

Benefits of Vanity Desk with Mirror

The use of mirror is usually double. First, you can use the mirror for personal use with any purposes. Second, you can use mirror to make the room more artistic since there are many innovative designs of mirror, especially the frame. Today, we choose mirror that is set in a vanity desk. We know that vanity desk is widely used in a family for storing many items. Now, we will […]

acrylic mirror perspex sheet

Cutting Acrylic Mirror Sheet

The acrylic mirror is usually independently cut by the owner when it gets too long or needs something to recover. Most people try to cut gold or silver acrylic mirror sheet. The tool that is used to cut the mirror is the HPC LS3020 laser cutting machine. You can try to purchase this machine in any home depot. You can as the staff there when you get difficulty to find […]

antique leaded glass mirror

How to Make Antique Mirror Glass

Do you have old mirror? Do you want to have antique mirror? Perhaps you will think twice to buy antique mirror because the price could be more expensive. But actually, you can make your own antique mirror glass. You can antique your mirror by following our steps. You need to prepare some tools before you start working. You need glass frame, spray bottle, black and gold spray paint, white vinegar, […]

black bamboo framed mirror

The Use of Black Framed Mirror

Framed mirror is so various. Now you can choose many kinds of framed mirror in the store. In this section, we choose black framed mirror for home living. We have some ideas how to put this mirror so that it can be wonderful item in your house. Of course we don’t want to make it just an ordinary mirror but we also want to make it as artistic thing considerable […]

knapper floor mirror ikea

Full-Length Floor Mirror IKEA

Floor mirror is an alternative to install the mirror in your house. For those who want to be maximal in installing the mirror, you can try to install the full-length floor mirror IKEA. There are many brands of floor mirror that can be your choice but we recommend IKEA as the best one since it has many designs. The price of the products is also competitive with other brands. The […]

harley davidson mirror home decor

Harley Davidson Mirrors for Safety and Beauty

Harley Davidson needs the best accessories. For this manly motorcycle, details are everything. So, you need to take a good care every part of it. One of many parts you need to give concern is the mirror. It is a simple part which most of time is overlooked. Harley Davidson mirrors play important part for the manliness of this motorcycle. It will make your motorcycle look manlier and it will […]