full body mirror stand

Applying Full Body Mirror in Bedroom to Get Full Reflective Appearance

The mirror will always reflect the body surface of everything in front side. To get the best reflections as needed, you can choose the full body mirror. Related to how you set them, attaching to the wall, leaning on the wall, or getting as the free standing mirror becomes some choices. Now here, turning your room to be lighter and better by adding the big mirror can help you to […]

espresso vanity table with mirror

Fancy Looks by Applying the Vanity Table with Mirror Sets

Fancy looks and chic designs by adding the Vanity table with mirror can be gained by conforming those to elements perfectly. It actually will relate to personalize the styling zone. With everything that you need, the design can be easily done. The vanity table is usually designed as storage ideas. When you add the mirror, the vanity will be completed. Yeah, much more completed! You can see how the combination […]

window pane mirror wood

How to Choose Window Pane Mirror to Add Room Brightness

One of the home decorations that will give different nuance is applying the window pane mirror. This concepts may be so rare to apply, whereas the application will make your house becomes more empting. Actually, what kind of pane mirror that you need to set and apply? You can get what you need right here. We will show you inspiring ideas of how the pane mirrors are added into the […]

full length mirror cabinet storage

Multifunction Floor Length Mirror Application That You Can Add at Home

Do you need information about the Floor length mirror? We now will share you about the inspiring mirror design that has length from floor. This condition can reflect your body and it’s very useful. When you need to see how your appearance is, you can stand in front of the mirror and see your full appearance. Yeah, many families especially with women will prefer to choose this mirror because it […]

framed bathroom mirrors rustic

Installing Framed Bathroom Mirrors for More Beautiful Visual Looks

Tired of having the standard bathroom mirror? Now come the applicant of the framed bathroom mirrors that will make your bathroom looks alluring. Actually, the shape of the mirror before framed is standard. They are the circular, square, oval, or the other regular shapes. But, the appearance will juggle to be so different after you add the frames. Moreover, the frames nowadays become so developed. You can take them starting […]

large floor mirror stands

Best Tips to Select Large Floor Mirror for You Living Room Decoration

Having the large living room will also lead you to choose the large floor mirror. As you know, adding mirror is not always in the bedroom or the bathroom. You may also serve the mirror in the living room to give not only additional furniture but also other functions. Getting creative design, reflecting chic decoration in front side, and also providing the reflective surface space for the guests. They will […]