handheld magnifying mirror with light

Be Smart in Buying Your Magnifying Mirror with Light

When we talk about makeup equipments, we will talk about the mirror too. Nowadays, we know there is magnifying mirror with light. This kind of mirror is really helpful in self makeup thanks to the magnifying feature of the mirror. What makes it really awesome is the affordable price. With budget less than $50, we can directly bring home a set of nice magnifying mirror. However, we really should be […]

entryway console table mirror

Don’t Let the Hall Empty! Decorate it with Mirror Console Table

Decorating all places around the house is a must. We can’t just leave a certain corner as empty as it is. It should be decorated, at least with a vase of flowers. Well, the same thing also happens to the hallway. Sometimes, it can be really confusing in finding the furniture that can be placed there. Well, as an alternative, you can place mirror console table there. You shouldn’t hesitate […]

tall mirror jewelry cabinet

Smart Tips in Cleaning Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

There are so many kinds of furniture in the house. Once we have bought it, we have the task of maintaining and cleaning it once in a while, thus the furniture will always look new. The similar thing happens to mirror jewelry cabinet. Although it is really small compared to other kinds of furniture, it should always be cleaned too. Thus, it can shine like the first time we place […]

bird mirror wall art

Decorate Your Living Room Wall Using Unique Mirror Wall Art

It is without question that a living room has to be decorated with the best decor. However, the question is still around: what kind of decor that should be used to get great ambience living room? The answer is quite simple. Use mirror wall art. It really is unique and not all houses in your neighborhood employ this kind of house decor. The use of mirror art is actually an […]

circle mirror wall decor

DIY Mirror Wall Decor You Can Create at Home

As a house owner, we have the task to decorate all parts in the house. This is including the decoration for the wall. Even if we don’t have the money to buy decoration, we still can create our own decor. One of the examples we will give here is the ideas for creating DIY mirror wall decor. Yes, we are going to make decoration from mirrors that we can get […]

reclaimed wood hall mirror

DIY Reclaimed Wood Mirror Project You Can Do in Few Minutes

Sometimes, when we buy mirror in the store, we get super-standard mirror with usual frame. Even, it can be really usual since you can find the same mirror is hung on your neighbor’s wall. Well, if you don’t want this to happen, you should create reclaimed wood mirror. It means you redecorate the mirror’s frame. Don’t worry, it won’t take so long. Follow our instruction below. Start everything with buying […]