dark reclaimed wood mirror

DIY Reclaimed Wood Mirror Project You Can Do in Few Minutes

Sometimes, when we buy mirror in the store, we get super-standard mirror with usual frame. Even, it can be really usual since you can find the same mirror is hung on your neighbor’s wall. Well, if you don’t want this to happen, you should create reclaimed wood mirror. It means you redecorate the mirror’s frame. Don’t worry, it won’t take so long. Follow our instruction below. Start everything with buying […]

tri fold mirror bathroom cabinet

Need Large Mirror? What about Buying Tri Fold Vanity Mirror?

Mirror is our basic need. Without mirror, it can be really difficult in seeing our appearance for that day. We need the right mirror placed inside the house, either in bathroom or bedroom. If you have vanity in these rooms, you have to consider buying tri fold vanity mirror. This one is really large and can be folded out or in whenever you need it. Believe us. With budget similar […]

white framed mirror bathroom

Get a Simple and Clean Ambience with White Framed Mirror

If you have modern themed room, you have to complete it with various similar decorations, including white framed mirror. White frame is perfect to match the modern room design. It really looks so simple and can be placed in any room, including living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Even if the room isn’t in white, you can still employ the white mirror as decor. It really looks neutral in any theme. […]

art deco mirror frame

Strengthen the 1920s Style in Your House with Art Deco Mirror

Nowadays, it feels like we are traveling back in time to the 1920s. Many people use the style of the Art Deco era in their house. Well, we believe you also apply it at home. Indeed, to strengthen the style, you will need Art Deco mirror. This can be used as decoration in any room in the house. You can also put it in the bedroom and bathroom for seeing […]

large bathroom mirror frames

Many Benefits of Large Bathroom Mirror You Shouldn’t Miss

The bathroom will be empty without the appearance of mirror. It will be very usual if you buy the small wall mirror. You need something bigger to fulfill your need in seeing yourself. So, why don’t you buy large bathroom mirror? From its name, we already know that the size of the mirror will be really large. Yes, we suggest you to buy the whole body mirror. This mirror can […]

gold leaning floor mirror

The Benefits of Leaning Floor Mirror

Home furniture is endless. Everyday each company produces new products for home living. One of items that can complete your home is the leaning floor. But today we will briefly talk about leaning floor mirror. There are double functions that you can get by having this mirror. First, you can get artistic or aesthetic value from this mirror. Second, you can of course get the functional value from this item. […]