floor standing mirror ikea

Full-Length Floor Mirror IKEA

Floor mirror is an alternative to install the mirror in your house. For those who want to be maximal in installing the mirror, you can try to install the full-length floor mirror IKEA. There are many brands of floor mirror that can be your choice but we recommend IKEA as the best one since it has many designs. The price of the products is also competitive with other brands. The […]

harley davidson custom mirrors

Harley Davidson Mirrors for Safety and Beauty

Harley Davidson needs the best accessories. For this manly motorcycle, details are everything. So, you need to take a good care every part of it. One of many parts you need to give concern is the mirror. It is a simple part which most of time is overlooked. Harley Davidson mirrors play important part for the manliness of this motorcycle. It will make your motorcycle look manlier and it will […]

large decorative oval mirrors

Large Decorative Mirrors to Make Your House Look Spacious

Mirrors are always an important part of your decoration. Mirrors magically always give an impression of larger space in your house. Yes, the existence of mirrors can make your house looks more spacious. That is why large decorative mirrors now become so popular. They simply can be an additional lovely decoration in your house. So it will beautify your house with a nice simple touch. Yes, it certainly will, because […]

big light up makeup mirror

Advantages of Light Up Makeup Mirror

Light up makeup mirror now becomes everyone’s first choice for its practical function and also its simplicity. You can literally use and bring this mirror everywhere since now there is the portable models. This is a must have utility for women who frequently need to take care of herself and need to check their make-up as something they need to check frequently (wear makeup as daily  basis).  It is not […]

best light up vanity mirror

Light Up Mirror for Practicality and Beauty

For the sake of practical function and beauty, light up mirror has all the qualifications. Practically, it will help you when you need to do your makeup. It can be a nice additional for your decoration too. This mirror will practically more efficient since it has its own light thus you do not have to worry when you need good illumination when you are doing your makeup. It will brighten […]

bathroom lighting mirror ideas

Lighted Bathroom Mirror Will Be a Stunning Decoration

It is quite unpopular thing to have lighted bathroom mirror. But you have to believe me that it will look good in your bathroom. Bathroom is one of many rooms which are kind of difficult to be decorated. Yet, you will have one option to make it more adorable by giving it a simple nice touch, yes, a mirror but not kind of ordinary mirror. So maybe it will give […]