kimball and young lighted magnifying mirror

Products of Lighted Magnifying Mirror

Mirror is an item that always exists in every house. Mirror has a main function to reflect things. You can check your look by standing in front of the mirror and examine whether you find lacks. You can also use mirror in a narrow room so the room can get larger look. Among many types of mirror, we will introduce lighted magnifying mirror. We have three models of this mirror. […]

brass and mirror side table

Mirror Side Table Product Samples

There are many types of tables that can be used for daily use. Today, we bring three types of modern table to complete your house. You can use these tables as home furniture and also for functional use. One of the table products is the mirror side table. It means that you can find the mirror on the side of your bed. The benefit is you can enjoy the reflected […]

oval wood framed bathroom mirrors

Products of Oval Bathroom Mirrors

Mirror is very often found in a bathroom. There are so many shapes of bathroom mirrors but this one we choose the most common one: oval. Though oval bathroom mirrors are very common and usual in everyone’s bathroom, but actually, there are many changes and innovation on the design. Here we have three products of oval mirrors that can be your choice. Outside our choice, you can also find these […]

rear view mirror charms ganz

Cute and Nice Rear View Mirror Charms

Inside the car, a rear view mirror is usually accompanied by hanging charms. There are so many rear view mirror charms that can be used and hung in your car. It can be an artistic thing but it also can be the symbol of your concern toward a certain thing. These three charms can be the choice when you have no choice. There are many shops that provide this one. […]

vanity desk with fold down mirror

Benefits of Vanity Desk with Mirror

The use of mirror is usually double. First, you can use the mirror for personal use with any purposes. Second, you can use mirror to make the room more artistic since there are many innovative designs of mirror, especially the frame. Today, we choose mirror that is set in a vanity desk. We know that vanity desk is widely used in a family for storing many items. Now, we will […]

flexible acrylic mirror sheet

Cutting Acrylic Mirror Sheet

The acrylic mirror is usually independently cut by the owner when it gets too long or needs something to recover. Most people try to cut gold or silver acrylic mirror sheet. The tool that is used to cut the mirror is the HPC LS3020 laser cutting machine. You can try to purchase this machine in any home depot. You can as the staff there when you get difficulty to find […]