full length mirror cheval

Multifunction Floor Length Mirror Application That You Can Add at Home

Do you need information about the Floor length mirror? We now will share you about the inspiring mirror design that has length from floor. This condition can reflect your body and it’s very useful. When you need to see how your appearance is, you can stand in front of the mirror and see your full appearance. Yeah, many families especially with women will prefer to choose this mirror because it […]

framed bathroom mirrors bronze

Installing Framed Bathroom Mirrors for More Beautiful Visual Looks

Tired of having the standard bathroom mirror? Now come the applicant of the framed bathroom mirrors that will make your bathroom looks alluring. Actually, the shape of the mirror before framed is standard. They are the circular, square, oval, or the other regular shapes. But, the appearance will juggle to be so different after you add the frames. Moreover, the frames nowadays become so developed. You can take them starting […]

large beveled floor mirror

Best Tips to Select Large Floor Mirror for You Living Room Decoration

Having the large living room will also lead you to choose the large floor mirror. As you know, adding mirror is not always in the bedroom or the bathroom. You may also serve the mirror in the living room to give not only additional furniture but also other functions. Getting creative design, reflecting chic decoration in front side, and also providing the reflective surface space for the guests. They will […]

large circle mirror wall art

Important Tips to Consider Before Choosing Perfect Large Wall Mirror

When you plan to purchase the large wall mirror, what considerations you will take first? In choosing the large mirror, you may not only choose the mirror. Condensing what kind of frames, design, and quality are really important. This is why we come to you to offer some tips that will be useful to do and try. The tips will help you to elect the most applicative and perfect mirror […]

white dresser with mirror

Adding Interesting White Dresser with Mirror Decoration in Bedroom

Choosing the white dresser with mirror in the bedroom will give different shades. As seen, a people apply the dresser in bedroom to take the functions. Yeah, this is kind of dresser is mostly applied because they give interesting multifunction storage. They can vary in the styles with drawers, as common. Their application will show you the best way to set some items on the top. You may find the […]

free standing large mirror

Complete Your Closet with Free Standing Mirror!

We believe your closet is full with adorable dresses. However, it will be very annoying if you should go out from the closet just to see your shadow in the mirror. You should complete the closet with free standing mirror. Everyone knows that this kind of mirror is needed at home. The advantage of the mirror is pretty clear: we can directly see our appearance without leaving the closet. Indeed, […]