antique white framed bathroom mirror

Get a Simple and Clean Ambience with White Framed Mirror

If you have modern themed room, you have to complete it with various similar decorations, including white framed mirror. White frame is perfect to match the modern room design. It really looks so simple and can be placed in any room, including living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Even if the room isn’t in white, you can still employ the white mirror as decor. It really looks neutral in any theme. […]

art deco mirrors antique

Strengthen the 1920s Style in Your House with Art Deco Mirror

Nowadays, it feels like we are traveling back in time to the 1920s. Many people use the style of the Art Deco era in their house. Well, we believe you also apply it at home. Indeed, to strengthen the style, you will need Art Deco mirror. This can be used as decoration in any room in the house. You can also put it in the bedroom and bathroom for seeing […]

large chrome bathroom mirror

Many Benefits of Large Bathroom Mirror You Shouldn’t Miss

The bathroom will be empty without the appearance of mirror. It will be very usual if you buy the small wall mirror. You need something bigger to fulfill your need in seeing yourself. So, why don’t you buy large bathroom mirror? From its name, we already know that the size of the mirror will be really large. Yes, we suggest you to buy the whole body mirror. This mirror can […]

leaning floor mirror cheap

The Benefits of Leaning Floor Mirror

Home furniture is endless. Everyday each company produces new products for home living. One of items that can complete your home is the leaning floor. But today we will briefly talk about leaning floor mirror. There are double functions that you can get by having this mirror. First, you can get artistic or aesthetic value from this mirror. Second, you can of course get the functional value from this item. […]

folding lighted magnifying mirror

Products of Lighted Magnifying Mirror

Mirror is an item that always exists in every house. Mirror has a main function to reflect things. You can check your look by standing in front of the mirror and examine whether you find lacks. You can also use mirror in a narrow room so the room can get larger look. Among many types of mirror, we will introduce lighted magnifying mirror. We have three models of this mirror. […]

distressed mirror side table

Mirror Side Table Product Samples

There are many types of tables that can be used for daily use. Today, we bring three types of modern table to complete your house. You can use these tables as home furniture and also for functional use. One of the table products is the mirror side table. It means that you can find the mirror on the side of your bed. The benefit is you can enjoy the reflected […]